Public Safety

Whether referring to roads, public health, or crime - public safety is a priority topic.  We need to keep Vadnais Heights a safe place to live and work. 


Vadnais Heights is behind on its infrastructure obligations.  We need to fix streets and trails faster.  We also need to remember that all infrastructure becomes a future obligation to maintain.  We can maintain our infrastructure only if we plan for this eventuality. 


The Green Step City program promotes sustainability in communities around Minnesota.  With this program Vadnais Heights can become more efficient and resilient.

City Planning & Design

 A well-designed city can promote happiness in its residents.  Urban design should be person-centered.  We need to examine our zoning regulation that stifles business and city growth.   

Ban Private Email for Government Work

Did you know our Councilmembers can and do use private emails to conduct official business?  Did you know they can legally delete this information before it becomes subject of a records request?  Does this sound obviously wrong to you, too?   I promise to only use official communication methods and to retain records.  I will work for you, not hide things from you. 

Prepared and Paid for by the Committee to Elect Erik Goebel 952 Heritage Ct E Vadnais Heights, MN 55127